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Having a respect for the SOUL as a way to stop violence.

Old Greek philosophy understood man as a body, SOUL and spirit...

1) Introduction:

Although in English speaking countries is usually understood man as a „body, mind and spirit“, all big religions as a Christianity, Islam and Buddhism from the Tibet (e.g. The Tibetan Book of the Dead) teach us, that the soul of the man exists even after the dead of the physical body. Having a respect for the SOUL as a way to stop violence is finding out on this text.

2) Description „what happened“:

This description is a bit personal, but it should be written down for an understanding „what happen“. It’s a real story coming from New Zealand: One guy ask me for help with start up of his car. It was about 2 km to the place where his car was parked. I took my van and I was going there together with him and with his mate. When we came on that place I recognised issue as a flat battery. The other guy immediately ran into my car and tried to take out cables and spare battery from inside of my van. I kindly asked him to go out from my car, because it was my stuff, and I wanted do it myself. At that moment the other guy lost a control and attacked me. He was extremely furious. He strangled me, he pushed me through the fence, he hit me once on the left side of my face. His right hand was already poluted with my blood and he pushed me down on the ground. He was prepare to hit me again and his arm was already moving to do it. And here is my ONLY explanation why I survived his attack: I never understood to this: „If somebody hit you on one side of your face, show him also the other one.“ But this is exactly ansver why this guy didn’t kill me there. Because his „SOUL“.  Because he saw blood on my face, and because I almost didn’t defend of myself – he let me go.

When I came in the work on Monday nobody spoke with me. Just oldest man there (he was 72) greet me: „Good morning, Martin.“ And made a smile on his face. Then manager told me that he had heard „quite diferent story“. He said, that I had hit that guy first and that „he didn’t hit“ me just „he strangled me only“. Manager told me that the other guy already left and therfore he is not able to verify this. I could just say to manager: „I didn’t make blood on my face by myself.“ And also I told to him if he don’t  believe me, it’s his problem – not my problem. And after a while I offered to him: „So, if it is problem for you, I’ll try to find other job“. But he answered to me: „No, it’s OK“. Should be mentioned that old man, who had smile and greeting for me on Monday (just three days later after attack of my person by the other guy) died (!) at the work on Tuesday (next day). I wasn’t there. Others told me, that he just started to work after his afternoon tee, and he climbed on the leader when it was happen – heart stop. Funeral was on Saturday. There were more than about 150 (maybe 200) people. The church was overfull. I didn’t know George for such a long time but I could told to him: „Thank you, George, for your smile from this Monday. Rest in Peace.“


3) Two points for next thinking:

A) The True isn’t what „boss“, manager, president or anybody else is saying (not always and not automatically). The True isn’t also just „average“ from „different stories“. The True is how the things were/are happening, how the life is running.

B) The True it PERSONAL. You can like it, you can hate it, but you can’t IGNORE (from long time point of view) that the TRUE (as well as the SOUL of man) exists.